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 WindowsPE FullCD Edition Codename SunBear 2010

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مُساهمةموضوع: WindowsPE FullCD Edition Codename SunBear 2010   WindowsPE FullCD Edition Codename SunBear 2010 I_icon_minitimeالأربعاء أبريل 07, 2010 1:02 pm

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذه الصورة]

At the
request of users was made with the full assembly version Hiren's Boot
CD, as well as more advanced functionality - WindowsPE full CD Edition
* Sun Bear *. From the mini version of it differs, as has been said a
full, but not to cut Hiren's Boot CD, and the addition of antivirus
NOD32, support for Remote Desktop, the browser Opera, an extended
version of Total Commander and changed interface.

Programs that are included in the assembly and their brief opportunities:

Utils for HDD

File Recovery Angel - the easiest to handle the program for repairing
the deleted files, simply choose from the list, the remote once the
file and click Recover in the menu File, do not forget to specify the
location where the file will be impeccably renovated. Regarding the
technical part of File Recovery Angel, it does not arise here are
absolutely no complaints. The program works fine with all versions of
Windows and supports all file systems, not excluding even the public
has already forgotten FAT 12. Another significant advantage over was to
support a par with hard drives and most popular portable devices,
including floppy disks, digital cameras, USB drives, ZIP disks,
CompactFlash cards, SmartMedia and Sony Memory Sticks.

Eraser - BCWipe software tool designed to give you confidence that your
deleted files can not be restored any "uninvited guests". BCWipe - a
powerful set of utilities, which corresponds to the standard US DD
5200.28-STD and Peter Gutmann wiping scheme (Peter Gutmann). You can
also create and apply their own specially designed scheme erasure to
"slash" key information from storage devices installed in your computer.

UFSExplorer - Software product UFS Explorer is a powerful,
comprehensive and easy to use product for data access and data
recovery. It was created to provide an easy way to get your information.

With UFS Explorer you can in the read-only mode "(not destructive) to gain access to:
* Section of various operating systems: Windows, Linux, BSD, Unix,
Solaris, MacOS, SnapOS, Netware (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5,
Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, XFS, UFS, UFS2, HFS, HFS +, UDF, ISO9660 , NWFS);
* Different media: all defined Windows PATA / SATA drives, SCSI drives,
USB drives (flash cards, digital devices, external hard drives), CD /
DVD, floppy and other similar devices, RAID-arrays (even dismantled);
* Disk images of these carriers, as well as a virtual drive created
virtualization products of different vendors: VMWare, Microsoft,

Together with his alternative method of access to information, UFS
Explorer contains functions to recover lost files after deletion,
formatting, partitioning disks into partitions, virus attack.
Application is suitable even for professionals in data recovery and
provides a complete toolkit for data access and recovery information.

Restorer2k - Powerful utility that can recover files deleted
accidentally in NTFS and even to restore formatted and damaged disks.
Restorer2000 can restore even the names of files in the national
language, very long filenames, compressed NTFS files and files with
alternate data streams.

Active @ File Recovery Pro - is a well proven tool to recover deleted
or damaged data for various reasons whether it be virus attack, system
failure and so on. The following file systems: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32,

Active @ Undelete - a program to recover lost data can act as a single
hard disk drives as well as with RAID arrays (as with the apparatus and
a software), with flash drives Secure Digital, Compact Flash,
SmartMedia, SONY Memory Stick, ZIP drives.

RecoverPro - Vosstanavliaet as files or entire partitions and (?) Boot sector, support for long file names. Not work with NTFS!

Rec4All Pro - The program allows to find and recover deleted files.
Supported file systems FAT12, FAT16, FAT32. Can recover the files,
secure shopping Windows, as well as files deleted bypassing Recycle Bin.

Rec.MyFiles Recover My Files - Program for repairing the deleted
information from your HDD. Works with most popular file systems -
FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. Can restores information even after
formatting. There is a selection of the restored file.

Drive Rescue - is a program to recover lost, deleted files, search for
the lost disk, if the system does not appear. Works quickly and
recovers 100 percent, saves the file names and directory structure.
Recovers data from floppy disks, flash drives, when they otktytii
appear unpleasant inscription "Disk is not formatted, a format?".

Rec.Studio - A program to recover deleted files. Utility can recover
files on FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), NTFS, NTFS5 on local disks and
ZAR Zero Assumption Recovery - a powerful data recovery tool that
supports long filenames, and Russian. Supports built-in compression of
NTFS. ZAR runs under Windows 2000, XP or 2003, and rebuilds the FAT and
NTFS, including those located in the hardware arrays RAID0 or RAID5.
There is a recovery mode digital photos and automatically searches for
lost partitions.
Zero Assumption Recovery works in read-only mode, and does not make any
changes on the corrupted volume. This avoids the risk of distant damage
volume during recovery. Such an approach requires an additional
carrier, on which are stored the recovered data (usually a second hard

HDD Speed - This little program to measure the speed of reading and
writing HDD. When you record all the data from the disk erased!

Delete Dr. - A program to delete files locked by some processes running at the moment.

Shredder - The program for non-recoverable data erasure.

QuadUnerase - Program Quadro Uneraser can recover any deleted files,
including documents of MS Office, images, mp3, records, etc. Supported
recover accidentally deleted files, and files deleted as a result of
the virus. The program works with all types of media and file systems:
FAT12 / 16 / 32, NTFS (NT4) / NTFS 5 (2000, XP).

DiskSpeed - Program for measuring the speed of the HDD.

DiskTemperature - A program showing the temperature of the HDD.

SpaceMonger - The program of mapping the distribution diagram in the
form of free space on HDD, for example to see what files and folders
occupy the most space.

SplitJoinFile - The program allows to split files into several parts, then assemble them into one.

Dalas - This program is designed to diagnose and repair software HDD.

In its capacity include:

* Get detailed information on the possibilities and parameters of the drive
* Work with the system SMART
* Work with the system SECURITY
* Work with HPA
* Test drive endurance in harsh conditions with maximum continuous temperature control
* Test drive surface with a visual display of results in the form of graphics and maps of the surface.
* Search of defective and unstable sectors
* Creating a soft-bedov (defects such as UNC)
* The rapid destruction of information using the security erasure.
* Restore information of defective sectors such as UNC (not available in this version of the program)
* Copy all sectors of information from one drive to another, or in a file (not available in this version of the program).
* Flaw support addressing mode LBA48 (not available in this version of the program).
* ATA-terminal (not available in this version of the program).

FinalRecovery - a powerful and convenient tool for data recovery. The
program is designed to recover deleted files and folders on your hard
drives and diskettes with file systems FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS.
Also has the ability to clean up disk space after removal of a file,
making it impossible to subsequent recovery, even with the help of such

Drive SnapShot - utility for complete backup hard drives, allowing you
to create a backup image of entire hard disk or separate partitions
without rebooting. Drive Snapshot creates disk images in the background
on computers that must work 24 hours a day, (which is very valuable to
the server), and that provides a complete safety of all data, and to
avoid interruption of your computer. In the process of Drive Snapshot
creates a virtual disk containing all of the data, but you get the
opportunity to use, compare or restore these files directly from an
image file. The program supports the FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and RAID
arrays, and allows you to work in automatic mode is selected. To work
on a schedule used Sheduler from Windows.

Active Partition Recovery - helps you to recover deleted hard disk
partitions, but only if they have not been overwritten. Also, with this
tool you can make a backup copy of MBR partition.

Test utils

Everest - The program for diagnosing and testing the computer's
hardware - shows more than 100 pages of information, as well as for
network auditing and configuration of your computer at optimum
CPU-Z utility is designed to display various information about CPU, RAM
and motherboard plate.S using CPU-Z can be found: the name of the
processor model, supported by the CPU instruction sets and
specifications, supply voltage, size, speed, technology, location of
the cache L1, L2, L3; BIOS, chipset, memory, settings, AGP motherboard,
size, type, timing and specification of installed RAM. Actually, CPU-Z
is a fairly popular program for ordinary users and professionals
because of its ease of configuration and visibility of information.

HWiNFO32 - allows you to get detailed information about the system, as
well as to evaluate performance of the processor (CPU, FPU, MMX),
memory, hard disk drives. In addition, you can compare the performance
of your system is already recorded in the program results.

MemoryTest - test memory for errors

StressPrime - program, test the memory and processor errors

S & M - S & M utility designed for stress testing the CPU and
battery of the motherboard, as well as verification of RAM, and that
encoded in its name. The program is optimized to run on AMD K7/K8
processors and Pentium 4, and can reheat them stronger than any other
test programs, including more than such well-known and effective as
BurnP6/BurnK7, which is confirmed by numerous user reviews.

In addition to the banal heating processor S & M generates a
considerable strain on the power components of the motherboard, while
leading data integrity control, which distinguishes it from other test
tools and makes it much more effective. Checking the correctness of the
memory modules directly from Windows with simultaneous heating, an
integrated module for monitoring and the ability to run from DOS
program to distinguish from competitors. With all that S & M is
free and is Russia's development.

Warning If you are not sure of the quality of your motherboard and / or cooling system components NOT use this program!
memTest - Program memory check for errors. You can specify the size of memory allocated for the test.

Misc Utils

OffOneBrowser - Small and simple internet browser

Filezilla - FTP-server

Total Commander - A well-known file manager
Dr.Web - Antivirus
AVZ4 - AVZ antivirus utility designed to detect and remove:

* SpyWare and AdWare modules - this is the main purpose utility
* Dialer (Trojan.Dialer)
* Trojan horses
* BackDoor modules
* Network and mail worms,
* TrojanSpy, TrojanDownloader, TrojanDropper

Updated programs:
+ DrWeb
+ Everest
+ FileUndelete
+ HWiNFO32
+ Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 versions
+ NOD32 to 4th version
+ Prime95
+ R-studio
+ Total Commander

+ LinX


File: winpe.full.cd.iso
MD5: 8646D0C090CEBE421DC360F7 5681D109
SHA-1: 1554D3E61E50EDD5ECDDB749 435BB786590DA50E

WindowsPE Full CD Edition Codename "SunBear" 2010.01 WindowsPE Full CD
Edition Codename "SunBear" 2010.01 WindowsPE Full CD Edition Codename
"SunBear" 2010.01

Year / Release year: 2010
OS / OS: WinPE
Language: English
Medicine / Activation / Crack / Serial / etc: do not need / It is not required
Size / Size: 660 Mb

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WindowsPE FullCD Edition Codename SunBear 2010
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